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Big Presents In Little Packages

Does every important present come in a big package? The answer just might be “no.” At this season, most of us are looking for the ultimate gift, ready to give whatever we can dream up and afford, hoping to please the ones we love. Or, at least, I am. This morning, my son answered an…

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Holiday Thanks Times Ten

Last week, my son emailed me with thanks and joy when he read my last newsletter and learned of my plan to visit him in New York City, as his “big present in a small package” for this coming Christmas. (Well, I guess his gift won’t be a surprise after all, no matter how cleverly…

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Reading And Gifting

It’s that time of year: you are stumped for a gift. What to give Mom, Dad, your sister, your brother, a friend, or even your kids. A book makes a great present; below are several of my recommendations for those I’ve been wild over in the last month. Give one to yourself, or give it…

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