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When sending this email, please write “Consulting Inquiry” in the subject line and describe your project in brief along with suggested times for the consultation.

During your 30 minute call, we will examine your needs and define what you hope to accomplish, as well as what kind of help you expect from me and the associated cost. When I make a commitment to you, I stay by your side until you are over whatever finish line you’ve selected for yourself.


Linda’s consultations have played an integral role in my advancement as a writer. She is laser-focused in her coaching style, providing clarity and insight with grace and good humor. Linda is the consummate professional: always on time, well-prepared, and actively engaged in our work . Given her rich feedback, it’s clear that she works as hard as I do to ensure that our sessions are both productive and enlightening. What I appreciate most is Linda’s willingness to share her knowledge so generously.

Terry Unumb

In The Absence of Lullabies

Linda Sexton is one of the best editors I’ve worked with because she has the ability to zero in on both the larger picture of the narrative arc and the fine points of grammar, word repetition, spelling, use of clichés, and sentence construction. Linda’s encouraging, but it’s her honest feedback and insightful comments that have helped me to see the strengths and weaknesses of my work, allowing me to take my writing to another level. This is the mark of a great editor and I’m grateful to have been on the receiving end.

Celia S. Stahr, Ph.D.

Frieda Kahlo in America

My poetry book, Out From Calaboose, was released in late 2016 and is very much a success because of Linda’s keen eye and immense poetic sensibility. Beyond offering solid grammatical advice and great academic pedigree, she cares and becomes involved in the editing process in a most genuine way. Her mother, Anne Sexton, was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who trusted Linda’s advice about her own work and named her her literary executor. It is a true testament to her abilities. Linda brings extensive dedication to all her writing and editing endeavors. First, she reads your work as a whole entity before making recommendations. She guides in a way that does not overshadow the writer’s voice but rather enhances it. Her critical thinking and great eye for detail work subtly to retain the overall goals and intentions of the work. She takes the time to know the writer and the objectives, simplifying and removing extraneous words and making the work stronger and more incisive. A good listener, Linda brings clarity and focus to the writer’s ideas and acts as a clear guide in an authentic and honest way. Furthermore, she enjoys the process and it shows in her enthusiasm and support. The editor’s job is to parse and polish while helping us realize our intentions in our own personal and original voice and expression. With Linda you could not ask for a more competent and sensitive editor to help your work reach its best potential.

Karen Corinne Herceg

Out From Calaboose

My short fiction, op-eds, critical essays, and book reviews have been published, but I have found novel writing overwhelming and intimidating. After three failed attempts, I finally found a narrative and characters I not only loved but believed in, yet I still found myself flailing and drowning. When I had initially reached out to Linda, whose novels and memoirs I had read years before, she gave me confidence that I’d found the right professional to work with. And after she’d read and critiqued my clumsy first chapter, I’d known my instinct had not failed me. Linda cares about what she does and her clients. This is shown through her detailed written and oral feedback. She remains honest while being encouraging and constructive. She is also never stingy with her professional knowledge of writing fiction and memoir. You can’t go wrong with Linda as your guide.

Laura Durnell

Contributor, “Huffington Post”

Linda Sexton was brilliant in helping me to polish off my manuscript. First, in editing and coaching me through the revision process and then, in providing a strategy to position it for submission. She was an invaluable inspiration.

Donna Murray

Wolf Den Hollow

Linda has been instrumental in getting me organized and focused to write a strong query and proposal. I began the process fumbling in the dark, and with precision Linda gave me clarity and direction in what needed to be accomplished, and consistently gave me creative and illustrative ways to think about solving the problems.

Christine King

Query Letter


My private consulting service is designed to provide help for either the well-established or budding writer. It offers you the opportunity to work one on one with me, rather than in a group setting, where an editor’s or mentor’s focused attention comes at more of a premium.

I excel at curing the frustration that occurs when you search for words that remain elusive, or when you can’t figure out how to begin, or when you are well along but don’t know how to cut and streamline your lengthy material. I provide a fresh eye and strong guidance for all kinds of projects—large or small—from writers published or not. I take on clients who need help with query letters to agents or sample submissions to publishers, website text, as well as the more traditional novel, memoir, biography, or poetry and short story collections.

I am most passionate about helping people find their own voice. My specialty is brainstorming over every aspect of material, regardless of where you may happen to be. I work in all genres, and welcome you to discover how I can help you and your project specifically. A great deal of expertise and persistence goes into any kind of written work, and you can’t just depend on luck. Together we work hard to make your unique project come as close to perfection as you want.


To learn more about me as a writer, editor and coach, please visit my biography page, where my history and accomplishments are detailed.