Switching to “Linda’s Letters”

By now, all of you must know how much I enjoy writing these little billet doux to you. As I work on bigger projects—like the memoir that now consumes 90% ...
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Feed the Need

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I thought the most we could do in the midst of this COVID crisis was to be patient and to shelter-in-place. While I ...
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Our Motionless March

On March 30th, joy arrived in my house with a phone call: my second grandson had just been born in New York City. The photos my son then sent showed ...
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A Call for Cody

I call out Cody's name but he does not respond. He does not wag his tail, or even look to me for reassurance. His body is stiff, his mouth foaming, ...
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Missing the Home We Knew

How often do we return to a place where we once lived, or loved, during a different period in our lives, only to find it changed? Last week, Brad and ...
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There Will Always Be Books

I am in my writing room, procrastinating, having deserted my computer. It is three o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and I am supposed to be working on my new memoir. ...
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Legacies of Love

Sometimes the years shift forward abruptly, like an earthquake: so much changes in the space of a second. This last Friday I was caught up short as I sat down ...
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Does it ever seem to you that we are bombarded by hashtags? Particularly when it comes to certain days or months for a particular and sometimes obscure cause, object, or ...
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