I love the ocean, whether it is brilliant and blue at the foot of the cliffs, or churning gray and stormy on the horizon. I love my three Dalmatians, who curl at my feet while I write. I love my two sons, thirty-five and thirty-seven. I love my husband, partner of twenty years. And, of course, I love spending time every day with words and fitting them together, just so. My life is the well I draw from, and I offer its story up to you, in both my books and my newsletter essays.

Editorial Consulting

I am perhaps most passionate about helping people open up and find their own voice. Sessions in which you get a personal coach for your project is my specialty.


A Call for Cody

I call out Cody's name but he does not respond. He does not wag his tail, or even look to me for reassurance. His body is stiff, his mouth foaming, his legs paddle in the air, his eyes have rolled back and have no visible iris. He is in the middle of a grand mal seizure.  The middle dog of ...
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