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The Blessing of Mom’s Voice

I looked at my calendar and realized that Mother’s Day is about to roll in once again. I hope your Mom is still by your side. But if not, perhaps you–like me–can feel her presence once again because on this particular day we remember and celebrate her influence upon us. The following poem captures the…

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The Bounty Of Family

What a joyous holiday our family had this Thanksgiving just past–four full days of wonder. Here is my little grandson, who sat at Nana’s holiday table for the first time, built trucks and trains and Duplo houses with me, went hand-in-hand to the playground, and drifted off to his parents singing my childhood lullaby. And now onward, into…

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Cooking It Forward

How do you express your love? Some people rely on a Valentine’s dinner, or reveal their feelings with a supportive word and a tender embrace. Others show their affection by cooking a meal for those they care about. I am, unabashedly, one of the latter. During my childhood, love was often overshadowed by my mother’s…

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