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Spark A Challenge

This past October, I received some news that I was reluctant to write about here. The novel I had been working on, and believed I’d finished, was judged by my literary agent to need more work before she took the book out to market. Why did I choose not to share this disappointment–one that was…

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The Siege Of The Wine Country

Here in Maryland, in the backyard of my new home, the leaves are just beginning to fire up with color. Back in California, in the yard of the home I’ve left behind and haven’t sold yet, a thick layer of smoke obscures the view of the mountains from my living room windows. In the mornings,…

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Sharing A Gift

Sometimes I come upon something special that I would like to share with the people I care about. This week my newsletter is a poem, written by one of my favorite poets, which captures so much of what I feel as I journey through my life: day by day, month by month, year by year.…

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