Tea For Two

Recently, I was asked to do a Q & A for another writer’s blog, and one of the ...
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Satisfaction and Bliss

This week I am rejoicing! I have finally completed the first start-to-finish draft of my novel. Daydreams In The ...
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Riding Over The Potholes

Last week in our backyard, Mac inhaled a foxtail and we spent a rocky day at the vet. ...
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Winning The Game With Grace

When was the last time you got a snail mail that wasn’t a bill, or brochure, or sales ...
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Magical Scraps Of Inspiration

“What do you think about this?” my mother asks, handing over a sheet of manila paper, its lines ...
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Waking Up To Suicide

Did you know that September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month? This recognition of suicide in our society ...
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Stripping Down

It’s October 11th and Yom Kippur is almost here. I’m writing this just about one week before you ...
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Our Spin On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a week away, and I have a lot to be grateful for. Perhaps first and ...
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Big Presents In Little Packages

Does every important present come in a big package? The answer just might be “no.” At this season, ...
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