The Emotional Side

Guarding The Flame

Grief: the most overpowering emotion of them all. How devastating it is to lose a husband or wife, ...
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Telling Their Stories

This coming Saturday, January 27th of 2018, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a date when people world-wide will ...
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A Blue Blazer Mourning

I am writing this just before Mother’s Day, a time that always makes me think of two things: ...
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Goodbye, Kate Spade

I own three Kate Spade purses. One is simple unadorned black, one is brown with white trim, and ...
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Walking A New Road

Naturally enough, every year when Father’s Day comes around, I am reminded of my Dad. He belonged to ...
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The Gift of a Son’s Sobriety

For the last ten years, I have been steeped in sadness–and without hope–for my older son, who is ...
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The Blessing of Mom’s Voice

I looked at my calendar and realized that Mother’s Day is about to roll in once again. I ...
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