Does it ever seem to you that we are bombarded by hashtags? Particularly when it comes to certain days or months for a particular and sometimes obscure cause, object, or person? It used to be that we only had the more obvious President’s Day, Mother’s Day and Columbus Day, but now we have a great assortment. 

Last weekend my attention was drawn to the plethora of days (and months) that are hashtagged, when I saw an article about the newly named #NationalPeriodDay, which is dedicated to women’s natural bodily functions. It seemed to me that we didn’t need a day devoted to the subject–although, as I read onward, I saw that the hashtag was created to call attention to the homeless, who often do not have access to feminine hygiene products. Nevertheless, I wondered whether perhaps there was a better way to raise money to make tampons and pads available to these women, perhaps at women’s clinics, along with birth control?

Among the hashtagged days I find the most absurd: #NationalBarbieDay (yes, after the doll); #National Napping Day (love to nap but can manage without the approval of a day set aside); #NationalJewelryDay (do we need more emphasis on materialism?); #NationalPotatoChipDay (here come the pounds); #NationalCerealDay (where’s the milk?); #NationalFruitCompoteDay (are you serious?). Among those I refuse to celebrate: #NationalDentistsDay (they’re nice guys but a special day doesn’t lessen my terror of the drill); #NationalFrozenFoodDay (why buy frozen when you can get fresh?); #NationalGetOverItDay (must we be reminded of  something so basic as responsible, adult behavior?). On the other hand, there is #NationalChocolateDay, which we undoubtedly should celebrate for a lot longer than that.

My favorite hashtag, however, is Subaru’s #NationalMakeADog’sDay, on October 22nd, which is recognized today as I sit writing this. This one I can get behind, even though it was created as the basis for (OMG) an advertisement. Despite its more material purpose, it is also an excellent call to arms–to find permanent homes for shelter dogs–and informs the public of Subaru’s eleven year partnership with the ASPCA, during which the automobile company has provided 27 million dollars to rescue 57,000 deserted animals and get them into forever homes. This campaign for the “Underdog” works in concert with #NationalRescueDogsDay, which occurs in May. The auto company now has three ads running on television and they are all moving and adorable. Good for you, Subaru, for creating a hashtag day that we can all get behind and putting a lot of money behind a great cause. 

Luckily, my three Dalmatians are excluded from the exact celebration of this day, as they have always been happily ensconced in one of the best dog households ever. However, they are natural supporters of the cause. And so, considering that I am writing this on #NationalMakeADog’sDay, after I finish up at my computer I will distribute liberal cookies and an ice cream treat and play a lot of fetch with Mac’s ball, Cody’s rubber ring, and Breeze’s stuffed fish taco. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a dog in your life, you know exactly why I have no trouble supporting an ad and a hashtag that celebrates all our fur babies. And for those of you with rescue dogs? Good work!


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