Thanksgiving Was Great!

Breeze says: “Well, Thanksgiving was great. My Mom’s family was all around and I got lots of treats. Of course, I was literally starving and finally Mom gave me a big piece of turkey and a spoonful of stuffing with gravy. But, of course, it wasn’t enough—because I am a Dalmatian and a lot is never enough. Finally, I was stuffed and went to sleep on the couch, cuddled up with Mom. Cody did nothing but watch TV with Dad because he loves to watch television, even when it’s nothing except a boring football game. And of course, they had to do another one of those embarrassing photos of me up against the wall. They call it a mug shot, which I don’t get, but I don’t get a lot of the silly stuff they say. The most important words are: “Who wants to eat?” and “Pup-Peroni!” and “Who wants to play?” Of course, I can’t do my signature five-foot leaps anymore, but I still love to chase my football, even though these days they won’t throw it up and down the big hill out back. But it doesn’t matter because mostly I want to sleep and eat. I’m a happy pregnant Mom.”

Mom says: “Well, Thanksgiving was great. Alexander, Nicholas and Vania were all here, and we spent the day cooking with the dogs underfoot begging for food. Breeze seems to be holding up well, getting bigger and bigger and more and more cuddlesome. We are keeping her pretty quiet as her time gets nearer. Only two more weeks to go. With the help of Whelpwise, we are now doing uterine monitoring sessions. I am happy to report that she is having no contractions of any consequence. Today we will start looking for the little guy’s heartbeats with the Ultrasound Doppler! What a wonderful time it is when you are expecting puppies.

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