Soon, Sooner, Soonest

Soon, sooner, soonest…but not soon enough! This afternoon, when Dad was on the bed reading, I tried my usual hop up and missed! He and Mom started to laugh, but then stopped so they wouldn’t hurt my feelings. It was absolutely humiliating. My tummy gets bigger every day and they make me stand in front of the wall in the dining room so that they can take pictures and send them out to the book of faces.

Some people say dogs don’t remember things, but I remember all this from last time. It’s too early for Christmas, but Mom is taking stuff down from the attic. Last weekend, we all went to Home Depot and got something they called “paint” and now she’s out in the garage with a brush and the can, going up and down on that big wooden box and getting mad when the paint drips on the floor.

I know what it all means. They’ll put that box downstairs in the guest room and try to make me get in it. “Just try it out,” they’ll say in that cute tone they use when they’re trying to get me to do something I don’t want to. But I’ll just stand there, telling them that it’s too big to cuddle in myself. I want my own snuggly chair upstairs in their bedroom, the one that fits me exactly–the one Cody likes to horn in on. My back hurts, and I’m hungry all the time, and I have to go out to potty every minute. Yes, sigh, I know what it all means. Soon it isn’t going to be just me and Cody anymore. Soon, it’s going to be an army of those little white piglets who want to eat every minute. Soon…but not soon enough!

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