Running Pell Mell Through Week Number Four

Rocking, rolling, scrambling, backing up, climbing the walls—the Fab Four are doing it all. They now walk steadily through their world at a good clip, and stand on their hind legs to look out over the top of the cutout in the box where their mother comes and goes. We have blocked off that opening, because if experience is any teacher, it will only be a few more days before they will be climbing up—and out!

With wide brown eyes, they gaze back and really recognize us for the first time. They love the tiny brown teddy bear that I have put into the box now that they can perceive things beyond themselves, and a friend brought them a large white pig with spots that caused momentary confusion this morning at five o’clock, when I checked the puppies and counted five instead of four!

The highlight of the week was the introduction of the water bowl into the box. Paul was the first to find it and after some tentative exploration, took a sip, then two, and then fell all the way in. It wasn’t long before the rest of the others woke from their naps and decided to try out their very own frog pond. The other main gain over the last seven days has been their new-found delight in playing, batting each other with their paws, biting on ears and backs, and climbing enthusiastically over one another. They growl and yip and even make small barks as they roughhouse.

All in all, it has been an exciting week, filled with major moves toward becoming rambunctious puppies rather than newborns.

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