Moving On Up

This week brought more new things for the Fab Four. Most specifically, a residence high in the sky, moving on up from the bottom floor guest room: now they are in the garage, which has been converted over entirely to a big puppy pen, warmed nicely by two large heaters. They still have their whelping box set up for overnight sleeping, but prefer their red plaid plush bolster bed for napping.

Every morning now they greet their Mom and me with cries of hunger and for attention, jumping at the edge of their pen and totally ignoring their potty pellet area. As soon as they are out on the main floor, they do their business and I get out the mop. Mom has relinquished all her duties except for an occasional nursing session—but no longer lying down, they now stand up to suckle!

Solid food in the form of ground-up puppy chow, a kind of watery paste, is the soup de jour, and they love it. They get right into the flying saucer-shaped pan with all four of their feet and scarf the gruel up, then lap it off each other when they are finished. It won’t be long before I don’t have to grind it in the blender, as their teeth are sharp.

Rather than rickrack as identifying markings for photos, (we can tell all of them apart now just by their faces), we have little breakaway cat collars that work just fine. Paul is still orange, George is still blue, Ringo still Red. John is currently wearing none in an attempt to dispense with his wrinkly face, which, with the skin pushed forward less by a collar, appears to be working, as he begins to look more like a Dal and less like a Sharpei. Personalities have begun to develop: Ringo is fun loving and feisty, with his sidekick George always chasing right behind. Paul is sweet, and John is patient and affectionate. All are a pleasure in their different ways.

This week will bring visitors: yes, all those of you who have been so patiently waiting. Please call me to make appointments to come and meet your puppy. Who knows which one it will be?

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