Motherhood Is Wonderful!

Breeze says: Thank God, they’re here at last! I feel a lot better with my tummy back to near its regular size, and being able to breathe again. Underneath I look a bit like what Mom says they used to call a “sweater girl” because I’ve got so much milk, and there are only four of the little guys hanging out at the bar. I’m a happy Mom, nursing and cleaning my kids, and I love getting spoiled with special meals and lots of attention. Motherhood is wonderful!

Linda says: It’s an exciting time. Even though it may look at first glance that they haven’t changed much from their first photos on the last blog, they are indeed changing every day. We’ve taken a lot of pics for this one so you can really see them up close and personal. They have gone from slightly scrawny pups with their ribs showing on the first day, to what the vet called “chunky puppies” when he saw them on Monday for their dewclaw removal, to critters beginning to move tentatively around the box by edging around on their tummies. Their white coats are thick and lush. Weights have changed from 14 ounces at birth, to 26 ounces plus today. Their eye and nose trim is starting to come in. We are doing the Battaglia stress exercises, which they hate. But because there aren’t very many of them they are getting extra handling and are learning to relax when I cuddle them instead of fighting to return to Breeze, who, not surprisingly, is taking superb care of them. Motherhood is wonderful!

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