More In The Life and Times Of Up and Coming Show Puppy “Paul”

Paul’s still here, but not to stay–despite his sweet disposition and his smarts. He’s a natural show puppy looking for a good show home. He already understands the importance of all this and spends a lot of time looking at his reflection in the glass of the patio windows, the oven door, and the bedroom mirror, posing to look his most handsome. He has a lot of attitude, and is also extremely photogenic, which you will be able to judge from the slideshow of candids below. To see his “professional” modeling shots, look at the post just before this one, “Paul’s Story,” which has his stacked photos, in case you missed them.

For those who may have forgotten his stellar pedigree, he reminds you that he is a son of Chase (CH Spotlights Storm Chaser, ROMX) and a grandson of Ian. He also presses me to point out that on the other side, his mother is Breeze (GCH SunnyOaks Saint Florian Literati’s Compass Rose, TDI, CGC)–who is a multi BOB and Group winner–and his maternal grandmother is Ginger (CH SunnyOaks Spicen’ It Up, ROMX)–who is a Multi BOB, BISS and Group Winner–and his maternal grandfather is Jack (CH Tuckaway’s Winged Foot, ROMX)–who speaks for himself. His half sister Adele (St. Florian Literati’s One N’ Only) made a splash at last year’s National, and he intends to do the same thing at next year’s, when he’ll be shown–by someone–in Futurity and all the rest. The only question, he says, is who will be lucky enough to be on the other end of his leash.

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