House of the Risin’ Spots

This week brought in the spots! These boys now officially look like Dalmatians. Suddenly, there’s quite a bit of black in this whelping box, though luckily not too much on any one pup, and overall they are marked quite handsomely. Though some of these photos (taken just three days ago) don’t show it, eye trim is in, nose trim following close behind.

This week they moved from crawling, to tottering on all fours, to total collapse into crawling again. A glimmer in the inner crack of some of their eyes promises that they’ll be able to see Santa Claus when he arrives next week with bones for Cody and their Mom. Breeze is doing well, and has just decided that it’s okay to run upstairs quickly and survey the work everyone else did on the Christmas tree.

This week also brought names. Because they are a quartet of boys, we naturally decided that they could only be named after the best of the best! Thus we have the Beatles, otherwise known as “The Fab Four.” There are eighteen photos in this slideshow, and for the first time you’ll be able to tell who is who, because I captioned them with their call names. Seasons Greetings from John, Paul, George and Ringo!

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