Hi again all, if there are any of you left! I have been away from this blog for a very long time–months in fact, and am just getting back to it to discover I had been spammed. All that is cleared out now, leaving only the content that you and I had posted. I am hoping to get this up and running again and would appreciate it if anyone interested would let me know with a comment.

Right now my life is taken up with a new endeavor–puppies! I have a litter of 6 little Dalmatians living with me that I have bred from my Dal Breeze. She went off to Canada to be bred and came back home pregnant, to our intense delight. She delivered by Cesarian section back in July and my life has been hectic ever since with the sounds and activities of life, instead of death. To say I am overwhelmed with the work is putting it mildly, but it is very gratifying. I will write more on the nature of “letting go of those we love” in my next post, as I am about to say goodbye to these little black and white spotted pupkins as they go off to new homes, and this loss reflects on love and losing in general in my life. I’d like to write about that, and I will. So welcome back to all those who have been waiting for something new to happen, and welcome in general to all those who are new to the site. Back soon! Linda

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