Christmas Tidings from The Fab Four

The puppies have made great strides since our last report, improving at walking, though their rears often don’t cooperate with their fronts and falling over seems to be the order of the day. Mom Mount Everest seems to hold great attraction, and they climb up and down Breeze’s head, back and rear with no fear. Their first outing was in a basket under the Christmas tree, where they took a snooze while we tried to take a photo of Santa’s little helpers, but the ambient light just wouldn’t cooperate and the flash didn’t want to work.

They range in weight from Ringo’s four pounds to John’s five, taking advantage of all eight nipples, which gives them double delight. Now that their eyes are open all the way they have started playing a bit, mouthing each other and growling as they assert themselves against their brothers in the whelping pen. Another favorite pastime is playing tug of war with your finger when you sit in the puppy box and hold them on your lap. Noise is also a daily background hum, as true to their names, they sing in tiny grunts and growls, and even a few baby barks. Paul actually howled for a moment, sending us all into paroxysms of laughter.

Color has intensified and eye and nose trim are continuing to fill. Much of it is complete. Perhaps most striking is the extra skin on the tops of the heads, which makes them look more like Sharpei puppies than Dalmatians. Breeze continues to be a great Mom, keeping the box immaculate, and nursing on demand. She did enjoy some vacation time over the holiday, tearing open her packages under the tree with gusto and wolfing down some Christmas roast beast.

The Fab Four are thriving and growing all too fast. It won’t be long before they are ready for their forever homes.

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