Big, Bigger, Biggest!

Breeze gets bigger by the day and the pups kick harder by the hour. As time rushes by like a flood tide now, our true preparations begin. Out come the piles of white shop towels, the sheepskin puppy rugs, and the pee pads, all to be double-bleached and washed—even though they were perfectly clean when I put them away. Down to the guest room goes the whelping pen, assembled and ready for Breeze, who obligingly hops in. Does she remember it from last time? She looks like it as she lies down and takes a roll, but really, who knows? The new paint looks great! Good color choice, Brad. I buy fingernail polish in a rainbow assortment, and rickrack as well, for when visitors come or photos are taken.

Also included in this week’s scrapbook are before and after pics of Breeze and Daddy Chase, in photos of show wins, for everyone who wants to know what they both look like most of the time. And, of course, we have another mug shot this week, where Breeze looks as if she is about to pop. Now, I regularly get to listen to those little heartbeats skipping hard and fast: clippety, clippety, clippety—like a galloping horse. Two hundred and twenty three beats a minute. Yes, indeed, a miracle is on its way.

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