Back At Last

“Breeze Babies” has been quiet for far too long, and the pups are clamoring to be shown off again. Unfortunately, the last week was overwhelmed–and consumed–by attending the Golden Gate Kennel Club show, a two day “benched” canine affair that requires competitors to remain in the exhibition hall from nine to five, to meet and greet the public, and answer innumerable questions about their breed. Unfortunately, this did not leave any time for puppy photos. On the other hand, the puppies’ half-brother, Cody, made his obedience debut and did beautifully, winning his class on Sunday.

The puppies continue to thrive and are now getting ready to move on to their forever homes. Last night we took the “stack” photos that enable you to see the way these little guys are put together. Over the next day or two we will cull the photos and then get them up on the blog. Because we’re a little bit behind on all of this, we thought we’d just give you a preview of the photos to come by showing you their cuter-than-cute head shots, and one photo of brotherly love.

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