Summer Whimsy

This year, the weather was idyllic and we spent a lot of time lounging on rafts in the pool, pushing the little ones on the swings and clambering up into the treehouse; Brad spent the last two months as its design architect, engineer and carpenter, building the structure by hand–from pouring its cement footings to hoisting up and hammering in every board and joist. A sixty-foot Sycamore runs up through the floor, a long swing set extends from one side and a wickedly steep slide juts from the other. The treehouse looked like this to begin with: 

Everyone appreciates his very successful effort at creating a retreat for kids and adults alike–perhaps especially our sixteen-year-old granddaughter, who sought the solitude of its shady deck with her book. Here is the treehouse now, complete in all its glory:

How comforting it is to have our new Memorial Day holiday accompany old favorites like those based on the generosity of Santa, or the whimsy of Halloween pumpkins, or the beauty of our menorah. If we are motivated enough, there are many opportunities to incorporate such celebrations in our everyday lives, whether it be for big events or small but precious ones. Family can sometimes bring with it irritation or strife, and we don’t always hear–or write about–the joy it can also engender. I hope that every year holds some new merriment for us all, and I’m looking forward to whatever we can cook up for July 4th! 


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