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The Blessing of Mom’s Voice

I looked at my calendar and realized that Mother’s Day is about to roll in once again. I ...
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Summer Whimsy

This year, the weather was idyllic and we spent a lot of time lounging on rafts in the ...
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A Song For Juneteenth

As I write today, it is “Juneteenth,” the national celebration begun on June 19, 1865, when Major General ...
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The Greater The Obstacle, The Greater The Glory

The writing business is peculiar. One year you publish a novel or a memoir or a biography, and ...
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Let’s Get Personal

I used to call these pesky ideas now running around in my head New Year’s “resolutions.” However, it ...
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Reading And Gifting

It’s that time of year: you are stumped for a gift. What to give Mom, Dad, your sister, ...
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The Bounty Of Family

What a joyous holiday our family had this Thanksgiving just past–four full days of wonder. Here is my ...
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More Than Pumpkin Pie

The words of the following two people have resounded throughout the years, and these quotations seem particularly appropriate ...
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