Fun Reads Chronicling Tales of Linda's Dalmatians and Pups


Born December 12, 2012.

Running Pell Mell Through Week Number Four

Rocking, rolling, scrambling, backing up, climbing the walls—the Fab Four are doing it all. They now walk steadily ...
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Moving On Up

This week brought more new things for the Fab Four. Most specifically, a residence high in the sky, ...
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An Eventful Week

Week six, and the Fab Four are sturdier on their feet, and sing in ever louder voices. They ...
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Back At Last

“Breeze Babies” has been quiet for far too long, and the pups are clamoring to be shown off ...
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John and Ringo Hit The Big Time

Here, at last, are the photos of all the pups. I have divided them in half, two pups per ...
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Paul and George Make Their Debut

This is the second half of the stack photos, this time featuring Paul and George. Once again, click to ...
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George Goes To A New Home

Tomorrow is a big day for George, as he goes off to his new forever home in the ...
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Paul’s Story

Paul is waiting for his forever show home. Waiting is an idea he doesn’t mind much, as he is ...
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