Fun Reads Chronicling Tales of Linda's Dalmatians and Pups


Born December 12, 2012.

Spotted Under The Mistletoe

Breeze and Chase were spotted under the mistletoe. They found each other just in time for Christmas. Here ...
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Soon, Sooner, Soonest

Soon, sooner, soonest…but not soon enough! This afternoon, when Dad was on the bed reading, I tried my ...
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Thanksgiving Was Great!

Breeze says: “Well, Thanksgiving was great. My Mom’s family was all around and I got lots of treats. Of course, ...
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Big, Bigger, Biggest!

Breeze gets bigger by the day and the pups kick harder by the hour. As time rushes by ...
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Hurray, Hurray, Home At Last!

Breeze is home at last and happy to be “unburdened.” Delivered by Cesarian section at 2:45 p.m., were ...
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Motherhood Is Wonderful!

Breeze says: Thank God, they’re here at last! I feel a lot better with my tummy back to ...
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House of the Risin’ Spots

This week brought in the spots! These boys now officially look like Dalmatians. Suddenly, there’s quite a bit ...
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Christmas Tidings from The Fab Four

The puppies have made great strides since our last report, improving at walking, though their rears often don’t ...
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